Exercising your Brain can be Fun!

Most people are not average. The graph above illistrates who is average (represented by the red line). As you see most people are not average.

Bain’s age
False Mental Age – there is some companies out there that claims to calculate your brain’s age. NOT POSSIBLE! Each of us are individuals, our brains develop differently from one another. Those during childhood exposed to music lesson has a large portion of their brain devoted to complete sounds. Those that did not have music lessons are not able to process complex sounds as easily.

So even if you take an average, the results are so wide that, an average has no meaning. Since we did not have these computer programs back when you were a child or young adult we can not say, as a certainty, what your brain was capable of doing 20 or 30 years ago.

We can calculate how well your brain is doing from this point on. So we can calculate progress from the present time only. Science can show you how to keep your brain sharp and avoid loss of mental capabilities. Science can even show you how to return some of your capabilities that you have loss in the previous years.

You know it’s a shame, if someone tells you that they can return your brain to back when you were in your late twenties. They have no idea what you brain was capable of doing back then – so how can they help you return to that point?

Can you make your brain younger? No, your age is your age, the brain is just like any other organ in your body. You can decrease the decline or even reverse the decline in the processing power (mental power) of your brain.

Drugs, Alcohol or Contusion
If you have damaged your brain with drugs, alcohol or an injury to the head, you may have gray matter (what the brain is made of) damage that is dead or useless. Depending on the amount of damage, that person may lead a normal life with no noticeable effects.

It has long been thought that once gray matter is damaged, it can not regenerate. Recent studies found that gray matter can regenerate. Medical science has not been able to make this happen, but in the future that is a possibility. For now, we can minimize the effects of damage to the brain.

Thoughts and brain processes are performed by connection of neural pathways. These pathways are not in a straight line but go all over the place in the brain. Think of each thought, memory or calculation as a long piece of string. Then imagine throwing thousands of pieces of string into a box. The strings are all twisted around one another, this is how your brain holds information.

Neural pathways are so chaotic that if the brain did not limit them in some manner all of our thought processes would merge, sending us into a mental stupor.

Science believes the reason we do not go into a mental stupor is the same reason that our brain is superior to other species. Our brain is partitioned so each part is dedicated to doing certain tasks. One part deals with sight, another emotion, another math (better known as complex reasoning), another music and so on.

Let’s go back to the person who had music lessons as a child. The brain partitions start developing before you are born and continue developing into the teenage years. Yes, recent studies have shown that the teenage brain is not fully developed. This fact is not news to the parents of teenage children.

A study of two people’s score
Person A: Schooled in music as a child – was a child prodigy. Professionally played music most of A’s life. Now in A’s sixties, A is thought to be depressed since he wants nothing to do with music.

Person B: An averaged person, never had music training in his life, enjoys music, but does not know much about its mechanics. Person B is now 25 years old.

If Person A had taken the metal test back when he was 25 (not possible since they did not exist then) he would of scored 1000 point on the music/sound portion of the test.

Person B took the test and got 100 point, which is average for his age. Person A took the test, now that he in A’s sixty’s and got 100 points. So according to the test A’s brain is in excellent shape, because he got the score of an average 25 year old. When in fact his brain has lost 90% of its capabilities in music/sound category. If this information was used, A would be treated for depression, instead of find out why he has had severe mental loss.

Most people are not some type of prodigy, but everybody’s capabilities very greatly from one another.




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