Exercising your Brain can be Fun!

Q: Will Brain Exercise cure or prevent Alzheimer's?
A: No. No program is capable of curing or preventing Alzheimer's. If any company claims or have customers suggest their program can cure or prevent Alzheimer's, report them to your local District Attorney.

Exercise may help defer the effects of Alzheimer's. In the "The Science" section watch the video on the Nun Study.

Q: Why "that's Fun" in the title?
A: For any type of exercise to be effective, it must be done. If it is fun to do it is more likely to be used on a regular basis.

Is Brain Exercise only for old people?
A: No, only if you consider 30 as old. When you are leaving your 20's your brain is already in decline. You can start exercising your brain at any time in your life. Sooner is always better than later.